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In dire need of an expert electrician? Fret not because help is on the way. We are your number one local companion in all your electricity woes here at Cape Town. With a plethora of electricity services to choose from, you can never go wrong when availing of our services.

We put customer satisfaction as our priority. That’s why we bring only the best for you by offering these services below.

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Residential Electrician

Malfunctioning power outlets, blown-up fuses, and other electrical-related problems are a big no-no for our homes. That’s why you need a professional electrician to help you out. And this is where our residential electrician service comes into play.

All our licensed electricians have undergone intensive training so they will be up to the challenge no matter how hard it can be. This means that there is always a suitable electrician that you can hire to keep your electricity worries at bay. 

And to ensure that there won’t be any recurring electrical problems in your home, we also offer electrical maintenance for that as well. 

What’s best is that this service is not only limited to fixing residential electrical problems. We also have electrical home installation if you are moving to a new residence too. Be it a mansion, guest house, an apartment, or just a small pad, we are just one call away to set things up for you.

Our residential services


  • Lighting repair/installation – reliable and high-quality lighting repair and installation that you can trust.

  • Electrical wiring repair/installation– safe electrical wiring installation for your current or new home.

  • Breaker repair/installation – say goodbye to a potential house fire by having your breakers repaired. Need a new one? We offer breaker installation too!

  • Water heater repair/installation – ever wondered why your hot shower is not working anymore? Hire our certified electricians to get that water fixed in no time.

  • Smart appliances installation – who needs switches when you can hook up your smart assistant to your lights or any other electrical equipment at home? 

Commercial Electrician

Electricity plays a vital role in running a business. And for that, our Commercial Electrician Service is just what you need. We know the importance of power to keep these commercial establishments up and running. And this is where our commercial electricians can help you out with that.

Whether you are running a restaurant, convenience store, or even a mall, rest assured that our professional commercial electricians will be there to assist you. And since we are talking about commercial buildings, worry not because our certified electricians ensure that you are in good hands.

The best part? They are high voltage electricians who are skilful enough to cater to all your electrical needs. This means they are not only limited to small commercial establishments, but also to bigger ones such as power plants, switchyards, or factories.

Reasons of Electrical Breakages

There are plenty of reasons why electrical problems happen, here are some of them:

  • Outdated electrical components – electrical components also age over time. If not replaced immediately, this will cause a bigger electrical problem. Such an example is a tripped breaker that can be a fire hazard. If not prevented, there is a high change that may lead to a potential fire.


  • Faulty wiring – the importance of following proper electrical wiring rules should never be overlooked. That’s why it’s best to hire an electrician that is knowledgeable enough about properly wiring electrical components depending on the building.


  • Rodents – rodents such as roof rats love to chew on electrical wiring to keep their teeth in great shape. However, this also causes further problems in your establishment’s electrical connections. This happens more often during winter where rodents love to stay inside vents and hard-to-reach areas where electrical wiring is placed.

The pricing of this service will also depend on how large your establishment is. Should you want more information about the pricing, you can always contact us via our hotline number so we can talk about it personally.

Emergency Electrician Cape Town

Experiencing a sudden power outage in your residence? Our Emergency Electricians will be there to help you out. We know the importance of an emergency electrical problem should never be overlooked. So whenever you give us a call, we will be right there in less than 10 minutes. Important note: This also depends on which part of Cape Town you are residing as well.

24-Hour Electrician Cape Town

Sudden electrical anomalies can put your home or commercial building at risk of danger. So with no time to waste, our 24-Hour Electrical Service is here to save the day. Yes, you heard that right! You can call us any time of the day no matter how young or old the night can be.

Our 24-hour electrical service offers fast, safe, and reliable electrical repairs or installation. As a company, our goal is to provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. That’s why we focus on delivering top-notch electrical service that won’t put a dent in your wallet. 

If you are worried about the pricing, fret not because all our services come at a cheap price. We are one of the biggest companies in South Africa that provides electrical services at an affordable price.

LWhy You Should Hire Our Electricians

Hiring our professional electricians saves you from the trouble of doing everything on your own. An electrician also follows required safety protocols to ensure their client’s safety. Not to mention, electricians know the ins and outs of all thing’s electricity. Whenever you need help troubleshooting your home’s electrical wiring and such, an electrician always has your back.

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